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Students who are absent for an extended period without first obtaining approval for leave will be regarded as being absent without permission and are liable to have their registration status terminated. Students are to note that the deadline for the application of semester term leave of absence will be the last day of Recess Week. During official University examination periods including Reading Week , no leave will be granted. However, students may request for special consideration due to medical and other emergencies by submitting the appropriate form available from the Examination Directory for Students.

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Students who require leave of one semester term or more should obtain approval in advance of the semester. Not having attended any class or not having utilised university's resources are invalid reasons for exemption from fee payment. Students on semester term leave would be expected to resume their studies at the start of the following regular semester. Graduate research students non-scholars who submit their theses for examination during the semester when they are on leave of absence or during the semester immediately after the period of leave, will have to pay fees tuition and miscellaneous for one semester, even if the thesis is submitted within Instructional Week 2 of the latter semester.

International Students who are granted leave of absence consecutively for more than 2 years will have to cancel their Student's Pass. In addition, International Students who are granted leave of absence to participate in a local internship during the regular semester which does not earn any credits for graduation will have to cancel their Student's Pass and apply to the Ministry of Manpower MoM , for the necessary Training Employment Pass through their employer. At least one month and not more than two months before the resumption of studies, the International Student will have to contact the Registrar's Office via regenquiry nus.

Leave of Absence

For more information on the application of Student's Pass, please refer here. Students granted leave of absence are required to vacate their hostel accommodation during the period of leave.

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One of the key projects of CNM students is the honours thesis where students develop their own research questions, conduct independent fieldwork and analyse their data under close guidance from their supervisors. In other CNM modules, students also undertake other research projects such as product proposals and business plans.

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  8. The criteria for reading NM are as follows:. Project selection: Students may select a topic by examining the research interests of our faculty. Alternatively, students may formulate their own projects and locate a supervisor.