Essay on jack of all master of none

Bosses are trying to hire the most valuable employees and get the most utility out of any given hire.

Why Being a Jack of All Trades Isn't All It's Cracked Up to Be

General rules of thumb as I see them:. But, they exist. You can exist. A final parting thought: you can also ignore all of this when branding yourself. When it comes down to it, the modern scheme of being a good worker is having the reputation for getting stuff done well.

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No one cares how you did it, no one other than your ego is interested in being a multi-expert or how you suddenly connected obscure things into a cool one. They just see the finished product — was that advertisement cool? Did it sell well? Quantifiable numbers. In the end, this is an internal measure more than anything. Execution is. Combinations are. Multiplication of skillsets is. Make good work, however you do it.

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Sign in. Get started. Jack of All Trades, Master of None. Brennan Letkeman Follow. Perhaps it is social skill, doll making, mathematics, language, emotional awareness—you must be a master of at least one in order to be a jack of many others.

Jack Of All Trades Vs. Master Of One

No matter where you land with the concept, being a Jack of All Trades has plenty of benefits for those who want to try and do it all. If you know what to expect, though, you might have an easier time as you go. Your expansive knowledge base can make you just as comfortable doing manual labor as you would be in an office chair processing data. You develop a go-getter attitude that can make you look really good. A Jack of All Trades is not content learning about just one thing.

Your thirst for knowledge gives you the best skill you can learn: knowing how to learn. When you learn how to do one thing, curiosity takes hold and you start to learn associated skills too. You develop a sense for the best ways to learn something efficiently so you can be good enough at whatever you choose. It might sound a little silly, but when you know how to approach new skills properly, no mountain is too high. It just takes a little elbow grease and time. Will you be the first person to climb Mt.

Everest, or be the fastest? When you think of a good leader, you think of someone with experience. A lot of great leaders have a wide range of experience, though. Da Vinci was one of the most famous polymaths who ever lived and along with other notable figures such as Benjamin Franklin and Johann Goethe, pushed the boundaries of what many believed to be possible. Unfortunately, we seem to have forgotten the insights that these exceptional figures gave us into the benefits of pursuing multiple interests. Certain myths and narratives can help move a society or culture forwards by passing on wisdom to future generations.

Others, however, need to be questioned, and the myth that specialisation always produces teh best results definitely falls into this category.

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There were so many other things I wanted to explore and yet, while nothing was stopping me from taking a class in a new language or picking up a new sport, I felt almost obligated to pursue my studies with single minded focus for large parts of the three year course. The last few months at Oxford when I was preparing for finals were probably the least enjoyable of my life. I dedicated myself to studying at the expense of almost all other activities and I found myself becoming so tunnel-visioned that it felt like any sense of joy or playfulness had been sucked out of life.

And all of this for what?

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  • ‘Jack of all trades, master of none’ – Origin, Meaning, Expansion, and Importance.

What was the point? To get a piece of paper that said I was an expert in these subjects that would prove my worth to potential employers, so I could work for someone else and get my pay check at the end of the month.